Saturday, October 06, 2007

I'm Delinquent

I just got internet installed today, so I haven't been able to update lately. Everything is finally worked out with the phone, which was so annoying to set up. Apparently they have like 15 different phone companies in the UK, 3 of which had jacks in our apartment. One may have been for the company we are using (the main provider), but we didn't actually find that jack until today because it was hidden behind something. None of the companies use the same equipment so the guy had to run an entirely new line and we have to hope that we don't get charged.

I'm living in an area called Camden, which is a bit on the funky side. It has a lot of goths and punks and lots of stores sell corsets, shoes, and bongs. I'm about a 5-10 minute walk from that area and a 2-minute walk from another area called Primrose Hill, which is very serene and yuppified. I guess sometimes you can see Gwen Stefani or Jude Law in the area. The apartment is just a one-bedroom at an absolutely ludicrous price per month. I wonder how on earth anyone affords to live here alone because a studio probably runs at least $1500+ a month. I guess they all live out in the suburbs.

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historygrl said...

Hey, congratulations on finding a place to live? What an expense though, geez!!! The area looks really nice though, so I think you'll enjoy living there. The commercial areas seem to fit your tastes. :)