Saturday, September 15, 2007

Apartment Hunt

The apartment hunt is supposed to be a complete nightmare. I just wish I could wake up and have it be finished. Apparently agents lure you in by pictures of cute apartments that already have contracts on them and then show you dumps within the same price range that have inflatable furniture. They try to convince you that if you raise your budget 20 pounds a week, you'll get some sort of palace.

I can't say I get this strategy. Assuming you rent the apartment out, you get the money for it. You may get more if the person rents a more expensive apartment, but you're not going to get anything if the renter gets peeved and goes elsewhere because you pick the worst apartments to show.

At any rate, my roommate is supposed to be staying with friends and distant relatives so maybe they can help us with the hunt- at least recommend someone reputable.

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