Sunday, April 06, 2008


This weekend I went to Slovenia. It's an amazing country- lots of gorgeous alps surrounding the area and pretty lakes and streams as well. Ljubljana is a smaller city that seems pretty laid back. There isn't the rush to see things there that I felt in other areas.

My Hostel- Hostel Celica- it used to be a prison. Now the cells are individually designed and I stayed in one.
Metelkova Area graffiti- my hostel was in this area of town. It's mostly the teen/alternative area. Everyone looks like they are wearing clothing that people in my high school wore in 1993, complete with the Converse All-Stars.
Church on an island in Bled lake, a small town outside of Ljubljana.
Triple Bridge in Ljubljana

River in Ljubljana

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historygrl said...

Breath-taking! It looks like it's out of a story-book.