Monday, December 24, 2007


Since I have not figured out how to get more than 5 images to show up in here, I am posting a link to all the pictures at the bottom of each post and then picking my 5 favorites.

Rome was amazing- I went there with some friends so I saw everything in the first 3 days before one friend had to leave and then had about 2.5 days left to kill. You definitely do not need 5 days there unless you like to go into a lot of museums, I guess. My favorite things were the Vatican and the Colosseum/Forum.

I also had some amazing food, but it is sort of tucked in with crappy tourist sort of places that are not so good.


St. Peter's in the Vatican

View of Plaza in front of St. Peter's


Trevi Fountain

If that is not enough-
Rome Pictures

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