Thursday, October 25, 2007

Traveling in the UK

I don't think it's going to happen. The hotels are just far too expensive. Relative to Japan, train travel is roughly equivalent in price. However, the hotels are just a shitload more expensive and there don't seem to be as many package deals that essentially give you a hotel room for free for a night or two once you get the train/plane ticket. In London, you'll spend about $100 for a single before you can get a bathroom, and you'll probably spend $80 in smaller cities. In Japan, I often stayed in a single that was around $50 a night.

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MeBonito said...

Check out Bed and Breakfasts if you want a cheaper deal (the hotel prices you quoted are pretty standard). You could probably get a pretty decent B&B for £20-£30 per night I would think. Also try websites like, or Also keep an eye out for deals in newspapers - sometimes they do deals which can be quite good. Youth hostels too but it depends what sort of facilities you want. Oh and if you shop at Tesco get a clubcard - your points can be exchanged for 4 times their value at one particular hotel chain. Hope this helps.