Tuesday, October 16, 2007

2 In 1 Day?

I went to catch the tube this afternoon and it was delayed due to "a person under the train" some stations down. After going to several countries that are Suicide Door Lands, I of course think that means suicide. The ride took forever and I was across from a couple who couldn't keep their hands off each other. I hate PDA- go get a room or something. Then some ashtray-smelling guy sat next to me so I couldn't look that direction either. It never fails that I either end up next to an uber religious person reading the koran, bible, or torah, or end up across from a PDA couple.

On my way home, I went shopping to buy a new coat (Thank you H&M for cheap coats. I have to get a new one each year). The stop nearby was totally closed so I walked to another one that was completely delayed only to hear that another line was totally closed because of "a person under the train"- sheesh? Was there some sort of suicide pact? Usually the delays are due to "planned engineering works" or "signaling problems" and very occasionally a strike.

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historygrl said...

that's really odd. Hope it wasn't because they were pushed or something insane like that.